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ZoobTube FAQ
Where does ZoobTube get it's content?
ZoobTube goes out to Flickr for the photos and YouTube for the videos. It uses the latest song played on Radio Paradise to get keywords used in searching for the content.

I don't like the current video that's playing, can I change it?
You can press the right arrow key on your keyboard to go to the next video. If it doesn't work, make sure that you have clicked in the ZoobTube window to give it focus before you press the arrow key.

Can I play my own photos/videos in ZoobTube?
I am working on this feature. Currently you can add your own Flickr user id or group id and YouTube user name in the start screen. This will play your photos and videos but doesn't use the keywords so it can get kind of boring. I will be updating this feature over the next few weeks so that you can choose which groups in Flickr are searched for the keywords.

How do I find my Flickr user id or the group id of a group I like?
Try this very cool tool http://idgettr.com/

Can ZoobTube play music from anything other than RP?
Not yet but if you know another online radio station that spits out a public XML version of their playlist, I would consider adding it.

Can I get more information about the photos that are being shown?
Just click any of the photos and it's Flickr page will open in a new window.

How do I get the settings window to open again?
Just press the up arrow on your keyboard. I tried to use F1 which is the traditional help key but it would pop open the browsers help screen instead. Go figure...

Is ZoobTube free?
Absolutely. However if you like it a lot and want to make a donation to go towards some of the bandwidth costs I would greatly appreciate it. If you send me your email address I will also send you the flash file so you can run it on your own computer. You can donate here by clicking the link on the left.