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Thanks for checking out the Radio Paradise ZoobTube. It's one of my new digital creations that harvests and combines some of the amazing art (and sometimes dreck) that's out there in cyber space. It grabs the artist and title of the most most recent song played on Radio Paradise and then uses those as keywords to search both Flickr and You Tube for photo and video content. It's interesting on it's own but even cooler when you watch while listening to RP. It's pretty new and there may be some bugs so feel free to send me a comment with any findings. A warning, due to the video content it's pretty CPU intensive. Over the next week or so I hope to release another version with a smaller video component that should have a smaller footprint. You will need to have at least Flash Player 8 installed. For more info check out the FAQ

ZoobTube Links:

ZoobTube in it's own window

Wide screen Zoob (1260 x 720 to allow for browser scrollbars)

Opens ZoobTube in Windows Media Player along with the RP WMP feed.

ZoobTube resizes with browser window (experimental and can bog your machine down but you can go full screen this way)

Radio Paradise Listen Links:

128K MP3